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The Reintegration Foundation

We make second chances possible.

Our Mission

Hard times can happen to anyone. Illnesses, family crises, accidents, job loss are only a few of the ways our life plans can change forever. If you have been there or know someone who has, you understand the difficulty of getting back on your feet in the wake of life-altering events.

Sometimes, we need some help getting back on track. The Reintegration Foundation serves populations affected by poverty and mental illness by helping them overcome unfortunate circumstances. We provide the resources and means to help people build stable and productive lives.

Our Populations

While the United States Census Bureau’s most recent data reports a relatively low percentage of Americans living below the poverty line—11.8% for 2018—that percentage translates to 38.1 million people struggling to live day-to-day. (https://www.census.gov/library/publications/2019/demo/p60-266.html) Because the Census Bureau surveys households, these numbers may not fully account for more than half a million people who experienced homelessness at some point in 2018 (https://endhomelessness.org/homelessness-in-america/homelessness-statistics/state-of-homelessness-report/ ).

Even above the poverty line, most of us are living paycheck to paycheck. According to the American Payroll Association’s 2019 “Getting Paid in America” survey, 74% of workers in the United States would experience significant financial difficulty if their paychecks were delayed by even one week ( https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/survey-finds-majority-of-americans-live-paycheck-to-paycheck-300915266.html). Too many of us live on an edge where a single event, even something relatively minor, can have a catastrophic ripple effect.

Too often, mental illness brings about that life-changing event. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates 1 out of every 6 adults in the United States lives with some type of mental illness (https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/statistics/mental-illness.shtml ), which means most of the U.S. population is either directly affected by mental illness or has family or loved ones who are struggling with these issues. The correlation between mental illness and poverty has been well-documented, as mental illness affects access to education, job training, and job stability (https://www.who.int/mental_health/policy/development/en/ ). This population is also vulnerable to discrimination, exploitation, and exclusion from mainstream society. People who suffer from mental illness often find themselves trapped in a cycle in which their worsened circumstances make their symptoms more pronounced and more difficult to treat as they lose access to treatment options.

The Reintegration Foundation casts a wide net, offering assistance to individuals and families struggling with poverty, mental illness, or other obstacles to building better lives.

Our Services

Public Outreach

Overcoming the social stigmas associated with mental illness and extreme poverty is integral to those seeking to build greater stability in their lives. Through public outreach and education, the Reintegration Foundation is committed to promoting greater understanding and support for these individuals. By changing the way we think about poverty and mental illness, we can open up new opportunities to assist those affected by these circumstances.

Job Training

The key to overcoming poverty and building a stable and productive life is steady income, which comes from steady employment. By providing access to educational opportunities, job training, and employment resources for job-seekers, the Reintegration Foundation connects our service population with the opportunities they need to rebuild their lives.


Individuals coping with mental illness need support services and medical care in order to manage their conditions and remain productive. The Reintegration Foundation provides pathways for people coping with mental illness to access the therapeutic resources they need for meaningful recovery.

Join Us

You can become part of our valuable mission to help individuals rebuild and improve their lives. Donations to the Reintegration Foundation are tax deductible, but you can also get involved by donating your time and services. Use the form below to contact us and learn more about how you can help create second chances for the people who need them.

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